Eco Friendly Health Retreat in Nelson BC

"Change Your Health, Change Your Life!" May 28th-June 2nd, 2019

Hello All!
Kindly join me for the retreat. The last retreat was sold out and this one will be in lovely spring weather - perfect for hiking and being outside. Remember, prices are in Canadian so do a quick conversion and you'll realize you're actual cost is almost 25% lower in US dollars.
Here's a pic taken from Toad Mountain last summ looking down on Nelson and Kootenay Lake. The retreat centre is nestled in the mountains on the right side of the lake. That's Kokanee Glacier in the back of the image. I'm up at 7,400 feet. 
In finalizing the course material for each day I'm getting so excited! We'll have hours of deep work throughout each day, learning and connecting with open hearts and then we'll explore nature together, while being mindful of the theme of each day. For example,  during our day of listening and awareness, part of our nature immersion that day will be in silence as we'll be "nature bathing". You'll emerge from the retreat with a new sense of how it feels to live in a more healthful manner, you'll have tools to take care of yourself for the long haul and you'll have a personalized health plan in hand! 
*Special Deal!!* Want to bring a significant other (someone who shares your bed so as not to take up another room) to see Nelson at a minimal cost? This person would NOT participate in retreat activities other than staying and eating at the retreat centre. Email me for details and pricing as they wouldn't pay full retreat costs, just food and lodging. 
Yesterday I wandered up to the retreat centre with Nora, my daughter, and we took pictures of what it looks like in its mid-summer glory. We also nibbled on thimble berries. What a lovely place! We checked out the Mandala style "classrooms", garden and centre and couldn't believe how the rooms stayed naturally cool on a 90+ degree day. They just added a hot tub which will be perfect for the late summer cool evenings. 
With the record breaking heat waves around the world, I've been thinking a lot about climate change and our impact on the earth. I'm proud that this is an eco friendly retreat. Your carbon footprint is quite low if you drive here (one tank of gas from Nelson to Seattle in my Subaru) Most activities are either at the retreat centre or within a few miles. The food is vegetarian except for two nights of fish and chicken and all ingredients are grown onsite or locally sourced as much as possible.  I'm going to keep the retreat as paperless as possible. Our final night, what I'm dubbing "Tour De Nelson" will be a multi course locally sourced late summer feast of foods and beverages from Nelson and surrounding farms. I'll have a map showing the location of each farm. 
Why attend? 
  • I will develop with you a personalized health, exercise, and stress management plan. Imagine years of office visits condensed into a five day experience, working the changes that need to happen, side by side with me. 
  • Highly effective, accelerated health improvement. 
  • Five days of classes and workshops with me, Dr. Oldfield,  learning mindfulness tools, mediation, and how to change deeply ingrained habits
  • Forest Bathing
  • Daily yoga with local teacher
  • Time away from your busy life
  • Daily outdoor excursions led by mountain guide Laura Adams. She will bring you paddling on the lake, hiking, walking to a beach with no road access, and more!
  • Organic food prepared by local chef
  • Whole Foods Cooking Demo
  • Beautiful retreat centre 
  • Incorporate ceremony and rituals into your life. We'll start by incorporating ceremonies into some of our outdoor excursions. Rituals will be what you bring home with you to help you preserve your new way of being. 
  • Experience being in nature - studies have shown just being in nature improves immunity and relieves stress. Imagine being in a place with no light pollution or noises at night other than the rustling leaves in the trees and running creek water? It's nature cure at it's best. 
  • Outdoor farm to table dinner "Tour De Nelson & Kootenays"
  • Stargazing
Please email me with any questions!
See you in September!
Dr. Katherine Oldfield

Click here to secure your spot now with a small deposit if you'd like your health and life to be transformed!


Is the price in Canadian dollars? What does that convert to in US dollars?

Right now the currency conversion is quite favorable for Americans visiting Canada. You save roughly 25% off the posted price of the retreat. For example, lately $77 US dollars converts to $100 Canadian dollars. 

How will I get to the retreat? 

I suggest driving as the easiest and least expensive way to get to Nelson and I'll make sure to help attendees coordinate carpooling if needed. If you'd like to fly, the closest major airport is Spokane, a beautiful three hour drive from Nelson. See this link for more information on how to get to Nelson:

Is it a women's only retreat?

This is a retreat for anyone! Attend by yourself or bring a friend or loved one. The group dynamic is always amazing. 

Can I pay a deposit now to secure my spot?

You certainly may click here to pay a deposit now to secure your space and type of lodging. The deposit is only $400 CAD which translates to just over $300 US dollars. 

Is there limited space?

Yes. To preserve the group dynamic and have peaceful time in nature I am limiting the attendees to 20. Please click here to register and secure your space. 

Can I have my own room? 

Yes. However those spots tend to fill up quickly so click here to pay a deposit to secure your spot. 

Will I be able to handle all the outdoor excursions? 

Yes. Our mountain guide Laura Adams has been a guide for over 30 years and has designed all the activities to suite all abilites. Though included in the price, the outdoor activites are optional. At any time you can choose to have free time and relax at the retreat centre or explore Nelson. 

What will the weather be like during the retreat?

Late summer in the Kootenays is beautiful with days typically warmer and dryer than Seattle, and nights crisp and cool. The lake is still swimmable for those who can handle a bit of chilliness. However, it is in the mountains, so pack for cooler evenings and bring appropriate outerwear in case it rains. 

How do I learn more about Nelson? 

Here are a few great links to get you started:


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