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Meet Dr. Richardson

It is with great joy that I am able to announce that West Seattle Natural Medicine Clinic is not closing! Dr. Krystal Richardson, a friend and colleague, has bought the clinic, thus providing the stability and energy that we needed after a tumultuous 2020.  Many of you have trusted our clinic with your healthcare since 1987 and some of you have just started seeing our clinicians. My sincere hope is that you stay with us. Rest assured that we are not going anywhere and will continue to provide personalized naturopathic care for the whole family! I first met Dr. Richardson during her residency with my friend Dr. Tamara Cullen Evans. She went on to purchase that practice from Dr. Evans. I can’t imagine a person better suited to take over the helm of WSNMC as she is an excellent clinician and a trusted business owner. She and our team of doctors will continue to provide the care to which you have become accustomed. Please support me in wishing Dr. Richardson a warm welcome!

Thank you for your continued support of our clinic. 

Dr. Katherine Oldfield

To answer your questions: 

Does Dr. Richardson accept medical insurance? YES!

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